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Paka the uncredible
Paka the uncredible
Paka the uncredible
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watch and enjoy Paka´s artwork

The horse work by Paka
Shot by many… final edit by Paka.
This video was an edit I did myself. Collected from various other edits and bits shot all over Europe and even China it includeds bits from the Forget me Not show as well. Big thanks to Ricciotti Molfese who is the horse controller in much of this and Sarah Wright who is the controller in the other bits.


Early Dragon work
This was shot and edited by Bryony Buttercup while we were trying to finish El Grando for install at the pleasure gardens around the London Olympic time..... It was before started using computer interface to control the beast. Elsie Dragon has toured a lot since then...
Thanks to all that helped

The Singularity:
Camera by Nigel Askew + Dick Jewell + friends
Edit by Jes Benstock
This show was my first attempt at bringing my vision of 'Theater' inside to a 'Real' venue. It was commissioned by the London International Mime Festival, Directed by Dr Andy Lavender and would not have happened with out the help of Sarah Wright. The list of collaborators at the end bear testimony to the support I received and am very grateful for.


Forget Me Not
Shot by Nigel Askew and Dick Jewell and edited by Paka
This is a self-edit of the Material from the 2nd big show we made for the LIMF at the Albany in Deptford. Directed by Andy Lavender and aided by many people from across Europe. This again would not have happened without Sarah Wright. We played a lot with scale and puppetry and video in this piece. Thanks to the many people that helped.


The Matilda Show
This show catapulted Paka's solo work onto the European arts festival circuit. Matilda was originally commissioned for a Dutch film 'Sirko' by Ineke Smits in 1993. She had seen DNTT perform in Berlin in 1992. Paka devised the actual Matilda show in Spain in 1994 for the wake of a good Spanish friend. It toured with Mamaloucos circus in the Uk in 94/5 at the oerol festival in 1995 then all over Europe.

A day out in Deptford
This video of Paka and Horse Rusty was shot for the hell of it a few hours after the Grand National horse race had just finished. Shot by Ben Biles. I left the yard I was sharing with Joe Rush and Roy Gurvitz in Deptford to ride down the Market inquiring en route ...'where the start of the race was?'

D.N.T.T.  Heaven or Hell

The work in progress show that spanned most of DNTT's time.

It became a site specific entity that grew or shrank depending on what or who was about.

The themes were huge and universal.

D.N.T.T. Show F88 in Berlin`96
This was DNTT's most ambitious work. It premiered at the 2nd 'Feur und Schrott' in the Arena venue Berlin. It had a mass of external support from people arriving from different parts of Europe to help. It proved also to be DNTT's last show. Show edit by Andrew Gaston. Show live band Ruby Throat.

Paka talking about the horse work
This Video was arranged and shot in my London Studio by film maker Sofia Olins as part of her documentation of Lost Vagueness and Roy Gurvitz. She really managed to bring a very interesting light to what i do and how i do it. There are bits of the shows at the Coronet at the Elephant and Castle also edited into this. I later used bits of this in my own edit of the broader horse work.

Sid and Nancy the bins
This collaboration with Roger Hartley grew out of his involvement in the Singularity show. Animating 'street furniture' and creating a new surprising dimension to the 'normal' every day  was a lot of fun.
Paka the uncredible
a european artist who hates BREXIT
+44 7973 43 99 70

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