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Paka the uncredible
Paka the uncredible
Paka the uncredible
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Big THANX to all the people
that helped me getting to where I am at.

Collaborators List

Tak n Tat:
Mikey Lynes, Amanda Gawthrope

you know who you are… and what we did … Big love to Mucke who had the power to ignite D.N.T.T.

Forget me Not:
You helped… your name is not here…SORRY ...  Please remind me… Been a while… Paka.
Sarah Wright, Lyndie Wright, Eddie Egal, Milou Veling, Ag Mitchel, Marcia Stephenson, Andy Lavender, Johnny Electrolux, Ben Biles, Roy Gurvitz, Maja Explosive, Bastion Maris, Tom Hunter, Rubin Powell, Frank Barnes, Bart Sabel, Mauritzio Cianciarusa Kate Lewis, Rebecca Wild, Yong Min Song, Gregg Fisher, Al Noonan, Neil Gavin, Dick Jewell, Ayse Tashkiran, Tom Humter, Taz Alexander, Vic Doggart, Roger Hartley, Clare Baldwin, Emma Herbert, Nigel Askew

Dragon work
Dan Peppiatt, James Kearny, Mauritzio Cianciarusa, Nick Quinn, Eddie Egal, Nick Shanks, Alex Wreckage, Ricciotti Molfese.

Horse work
Sarah Wright, Ricciotti Molfese, Eddie Egal, Bastion Maris, Frank Barnes, Bart Sabel, Mauritzio Cianciarusa, Roger Hartley, Ruben Powell, John Masters, Dave Dwight, Rudd (ADM)

Matilda Work
Sarah Wright, Joe Wright, Billy Leliveld, Dave Dwight

Again please let me know if you should be here….
Sarah Wright, Eddie Egal, Elly Jonker, Andrew Johnson, Zero, Shira Hess, Roger Hartley, Andy Lavender, Marcia Stephenson, Nigel Askew, Ian Ross, Natty, Luke LOsey, Barley Massey, Alex Hore, Nick Giles, Reuben Powell, Julia Rudd, Al Noonan, Louise France, Graham Kennedy, DDR, Roy Gurvitz, Stuart Verity, Jonathon Graham, Dorigan Hammond, Duncan Harbour, Giles Walker, Tony D’Amico, Jes Benstock

Please let me know if your photos are on this site and I have not mentioned you. I can then add you onto my list.
All photos on this site are only  used  for my own publicity and not for financial gain.
If you have issues with this please let me know. Thanks, Paka.

Photos by
Matthew Smith, Andrzej Liguz, Nigel Askew, Tom Hunter, Jurino Reetz, David Baltzer, PV Schoepgens, Chris Cooper, Shot Away, VE Perryman, Heather Buckley, Roger Smith, Barry Lewis, Gywnn Jones, Futoshi Sakaushi, Alex Wreckage, Charlie Raven, Silver Molfese, Ben Daure, Luke Taylor, Chris Cooper, Paul Holmes, Robin (boomtown), John Masters, Nick Giles, Karli photo (bimbo town), Hermann, Bernt (ADM)

I have to mention some of  those people that influenced me over the years ...
Sarah Wright
Lyndie Wright and the Little Angel Puppet Theatre
Eddie Egal
Joe Rush
Roy Gurvitz
Frankie Anderson
Dr Awkwards coffee bar and the Pullens crew
Lyle Doghead
Joe Peacock
JIM Whiting
Alex Wreckage
Giles Walker
Frank Barnes

Paka the uncredible
a european artist who hates BREXIT
+44 7973 43 99 70

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